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What Are The Different Types Of Earlobe Daith Piercing?

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One of the common areas of the body that people love to get pierced is ‘ears’. Ear piercing looks beautiful and fashionable. Looking at the fondness of people for this type of piercing, it is now available in several different types to choose from.

Daith piercing

Daith piercing is authentic and unusual in nature. It is performed by punching the cartilage fold present above the aperture of an ear canal. As it is performed at the point of the ear that is connected with the brain, this treatment is helpful in curing migraines. This is the major advantage of performing.

Daith piercings heal very fast and provide several variations of designs to choose from. Some of them being:

  • ordinary metal barbells,
  • circular silver barbells,
  • luxurious gold earrings in varying patterns, and
  • diamond daith jewelry

Almost famous piercing is one of the best clinics to find remarkable types of daith piercing jewelry techniques. Irrespective of the size, our expert professionals offer a wide range of plugs and tunnels to choose from. Some of the types of tunnels that we use are steel and titanium tunnels, acrylic, silicon steel, wood, and glass.

Types of Daith Piercing strategies

Rose Gold Moon Piercing

This is an amazing form of piercing idea that is ideal for aesthetes and dreamers. It looks marvelous as an individual jewelry piece or in combination with conventional star-shaped earrings.

Petrified Wood Jewelry Piercing

An intricately shaped silver metal ring with a splendid terrified wood bead. It is beautiful but also meaningful.

Bright Gold Piercing

Unlike conventional piercing styles, this piercing is for outstanding, and bright women. With this type of piercing, you are sure to entice a lot of people and gain their admiration.

Floral Piercing Jewelry Piercing

This is a cute form of piercing that comes with stylized petals. Its flower pattern makes it a wonderful addition to your womanly image. This piercing is light, pretty and delicate that enhances the charm of every woman.

White Stone Silver Piercing

This is another cute form of silver piercing that is done using white stone. Ladies of cool and warmer skin undertones are ideal to get this treatment.


The popularity of these different forms of daith ear piercings has increased in the past few years. This guide will help you choose the best type for your needs and preferences. Whichever style you choose, ensure that you always get it done by a professional and experienced piercer.

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