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How to Find the Best Jeans for Every Singaporean Woman’s Body Type

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Every woman wants to look fashionable and stylish. They also buy a lot of fashionable dresses and pants from the market. Sometimes, they do not know properly, which type of dress will go best for their body type. Jeans also have their own types. Every type of jeans is not suitable for all body types. Whenever you will buy jeans, always follow a proper fashion guide and understand what is best for your body type and what is not. Jeans come under the section of casual wear. It is extremely comfortable to wear. Sometimes you can use it as office wear also, but it is not a formal dress. You need a guide that will help you with the jeans type that will go for your body type. It looks very stylish in the office wear to casual wear. If you have various options of jeans like boyfriend jeans, dark-washed skinnies, high-rise kick flares, and so many, then you forget about the bottom wear with anything. The maximum top or dresses will go with this bottom wear.

Select Your Body Type First

No doubt, jeans are the perfect and best investment for your clothes. Ripped jeans or faded jeans, everything comes under style and fashion. And jeans can never be backdated. For a long time and over so many years you can wear jeans. It does not get wasted easily. If it gets loose and that also comes under a style statement. So, jeans can never be out of fashion. You need to know your body type. There are so many body types. So, know your type and buy those types of jeans to look classy and beautiful.

  1. If your figure is pear-shaped, wear a boyfriend or cropped jeans

If you have a pear-shaped figure that means your hip portion is fatty than your bust portion, then you will have to choose the jeans where your body will look balanced. If you wear high waist jeans, then your thigh and a hip portion will look fatter. You can choose low or high waist jeans, cropped jeans and boyfriend jeans. These types of jeans will help you to give your figure a beautiful shape. You can wear any attire as the crop top or off-shoulder top, or a cool shirt will look good with it. Just remember one thing that your body should look balanced. Boyfriend jeans or cropped jeans complement your hip and thigh portion. It gives you plenty of rooms for your hips and thighs. You do not need to feel much restricted. You need to wear dark wash skinnies and kick flairs made of some stretchy fabrics and amazing choices that will simplify your entire look.

  1. If you have a tall figure, try ripped jeans

If you are blessed with a tall figure and long legs, then any bottom wear will compliment your figure. It looks like jeans are made for you only. In all the seasons, jeans will suit you. Also, you can try some long length jeans. Cropped styles or boyfriend jeans may not look good. Ripped jeans or some blade-style jeans will surely look very good and stylish in your figure, and you need to remember one thing that you will have to show off your lean shape. If you want to show off your ankle, then you can wear an ankle chain with it and some pair of heels. Otherwise, the full-length jeans will be perfect. Your legs are appreciable to wear jeans so we will have to wear perfect pants to look decent and gorgeous.

  1. Use high waist jeans for hourglass-shaped figure

If you have an hourglass figure, then you are fortunate. Any type of jeans will be suitable for your body type. You can try skinny jeans and high-waist jeans. Be confident and try some skinny jeans because this will cling to the figure curves and your legs curve. These jeans will highlight the feminine shape of your jeans. If you carry high waist jeans, then your waist will be more attractive than before. With these two types of jeans, your full body will be properly shaped now.

  1. Try skinny or high waist jeans to style with your column figure

If you have a column figure, then you will have to dress appropriately; otherwise, you will look masculine. Because your figure has an athletic appeal, select that bottom wear that will create curves and shape in your figure. You can try some skinny jeans and also lead to high waist jeans that will build your waistline properly. You need to highlight your thigh and waist. And you will have to flaunt the feminine features in your appearance and look.

  1. Give your curves a proper shape with boyfriend jeans

If you have a curvy figure and you are not so much confident with that, then let us tell you that you are beautiful the way you are. Just present your look with gorgeous outfits. You do not need to hide your sexy curves with loose jeans as boyfriend jeans; this is because the extra fabric will look fatter than you are. You need to highlight the shape you have with some skinny jeans and slightly flared. For some fantastic looks, you can also try dark wash denim jeans that have middle to high rise to flaunt your attire.

There are so many types of jeans in the market. According to your figure, you will have to buy the best jeans that fit you well. According to the Singaporean women’s body type, the jeans styles are described. If you are thinking about doing some experiments, then obviously you can try some jeans which do not suit you. You need to be confident with whatever you wear and be the star of your world. If you are on the hunt of fitted jeans for you, you can choose and find it at Yishion Online and be a style icon.

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