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Choose the Right Piercing Studio to Get Your Navel Pierced

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When summer arrives and bikinis are on, there’s one thing that enhances your perfectly toned stomach – Belly bling. Belly button or navel piercing adds glamour to your midsection. It involves getting the area right above the belly button pierced. Though it sounds like a straight forward process, it is important to choose the right piercing studio to avoid complications.

The choice of piercing shop dictates how smooth the piercing experience proceeds and the after-effects. If you are looking for a reliable piercing shop check out one among the Almost Famous body piercing shops in Minneapolis, North Dakota, Illinois or Montana. They have years of experience in body piercings and are widely known for their hygienic methods used.

Things to look for in a piercing studio:

When paying a visit to the piercing studio, look for the following:

  • Cleanliness: A clean and well-tended studio exhibits professionalism and safe procedures. The piercer is supposed to wash their hands and wear gloves during the process.
  • Business license and certification: The studio should be licensed and hold APP certification.

  • Sterility: Ensure the piercer uses an autoclave. If you don’t find any autoclave during your visit, enquire if autoclaving is done to sterilize the equipments. Check if the piercer uses individually sealed sterilized packages needles.
  • Portfolio: Check out their portfolio and see if you find the results satisfactory. Do you feel the piercings look good on the individuals or does it look awkward/too big on them?
  • Choice of jewelry: Are they using medical-grade jewelry? Some let you choose the jewelry while some make the suggestions for you. A good piercer would guide you on which one would best suit you.

Don’t get swayed by low prices and act impulsively. Price shouldn’t be your top consideration. If you don’t feel comfortable or something doesn’t feel right, move on to another studio.

Navel piercing requirements:

Navel piercing isn’t for everyone. Your anatomy and age decide, if you are an ideal candidate. Does your navel wink or close when you sit down? If so, navel piercings aren’t for you. A person should have a goof flap of skin above the belly button. Piercers generally don’t do navel piercing on minors since their body is still developing and the jewel won’t stay put as they grow.

Navel piercings involve a fair share of after-care and requires commitment. You have to make sure you maintain it bacteria-free. Follow the after-care instructions to aid the healing process.

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