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Body Piercings101: Check This Simplified Guide For Beginners!

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You are probably intrigued by the idea of body piercings and want to get one done. Earlobe piercings are most common, but you can get a piercing done almost anywhere you may have imagined. Here are some of the basic aspects that beginners need to know about piercings in general.

Select the right artist/shop

Piercing is an art, and unfortunately, not many people recognize that. You need a professional piercing artist for the job, and they need to be trained & experienced. It’s more than just using a needle – piercings require accuracy, right tools, expertise about basic body anatomy, and years of practice. Do not compromise on the artist or shop you choose.

Eat something before you step in

You want your blood sugar to be stable before the piercing is done, and most experts recommend eating something before the procedure. While piercings don’t take any prep time, step in without feeling hungry.

Some piercings may take longer to heal

Earlobe piercings, for example, heal pretty quickly, while somewhere on the conch, it may take more than a couple of months. Your body treats the piercing as an injury, and depending on the blood flow and immune system of an individual, the healing time can vary. Your piercing artist may give a relative timeline, but don’t assume that to be final.

Check the jewelry

Nickel jewelry can cause allergies in some cases. When it comes to piercings, you best bet is surgical-grade stainless steel. If you want something fancy, go for 18k gold or even titanium should suffice. Discuss this with the artist before you go ahead.

Using needle may be necessary

While piercing guns are available, these can only be used for earlobes. For other parts of your body, such as the navel, or lips, a needle must be used. While the procedure will cause some pain, it’s not unbearable for most people. Long before you start to feel the needle, the piercing will be done.

Hygiene is must

Aftercare is necessary for piercings, and you need to clean the area at least once every day, or as recommended by your artist. Make sure that you are using a sterile wound wash, but do not overclean.

There are certain risks with piercings, but with a good artist working on your body, you have nothing to worry about. It is possible to do more than one piercing at one go, but talk to your artist first.

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